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Parking Waiver Application

The City of Miami allows property owners in the Coconut Grove Improvement Trust Fund Area (BID) to obtain a Certificate of Waiver, by making payments in lieu of providing required off-street parking spaces.

  The waiver of required off-street parking spaces shall be applicable only to the structure and use for which it is issued. New developments, or any construction generating additional square footage of floor space or increasing the floor area ratio, shall be required to comply with the parking requirements for said additions or obtain waivers. Certificates of waiver may be modified to include square footage as long as the overall thresholds as specified in section 602.10 of the Zoning Ordinance are not exceeded.


 Fees for the certificate of waiver shall be paid in accordance with Chapter 35, Article VIII of the Code of the City of Miami.

Please follow the links below to access the Parking Waiver Application, as well as a set of instructions for completing the application.


Certificate of Parking Waiver Application

Certificate of Parking Waiver Application – Procedures

Once you have completed the application and signed by appropriate Departments within the City of Miami, please bring to the Coconut Grove BID office- 3390 Mary Street #130, Miami, FL 33133.

Please feel free to contact our office with any questions regarding this application process at (305) 461-5506 or via email at , we are happy to assist.