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What is the Coconut Grove Business Improvement District (BID)?

The Coconut Grove BID is a Board of the City of Miami dedicated to protecting and enhancing the vitality of Coconut Grove’s commercial core. Established in 2009 by its property owners and merchants, the BID has developed a variety of programs to keep the District clean and secure, fund marketing projects, sponsor special events, beautify the streetscapes, make capital improvements, collect and disseminate economic development research, facilitate access to parking, foster new business relationships, and partner with national, state and local organizations.

How did we get here?

Florida state statute permits communities who want to band together and lift themselves up to hold a ballot election. On the wings of an overwhelming majority vote of all affected Grove commercial property owners in November 2008, the Grove BID opened its doors for business on April 1, 2009. The first term of the Grove BID will last for ten years.

Why have commercial property owners chosen to levy themselves?

One-hundred percent of the money which they assess themselves goes directly into improving Coconut Grove. Still, why voluntarily pay more? The answer is simple. Let’s say, you own a beautiful property which is clean, well-protected, and wonderful, but if your customers have to walk along a sidewalk with trip hazards and loose bricks to get to you, and if that same sidewalk is populated with panhandlers, with garbage and debris in the street, then it really won’t matter much how great your property is. The principle of a business improvement district is that you lift the whole place up.

Why don’t cities take care of problems like this?

They don’t have the money to provide this level of service to all of the neighborhoods in the City.

Are there business improvement districts in other cities?

There are more than a thousand BID’s in North America. New York alone has ninety BID’s. Pick your favorite place to visit in any city in the U.S., the chances are that you will discover that they have a BID. Business improvement districts undertake improvements that cities do not have the budget or the will to solve.

What kinds of things does the BID do for Coconut Grove?

Ever wonder if the City supports those great special events in the Grove? They don’t. The Grove BID does. When all four hundred trees in the Grove center were correctly trimmed last year for the first time in three decades, who paid for that? The BID. Who landscaped the ten islands along South Bayshore and converted the “look” from bare dirt to shrubbery? The BID. Who pays for extra clean up crews, as well as private security and extra off-duty police five days a week? The Coconut Grove Business Improvement District.

What New Initiatives Does the Future Hold?

The Coconut Grove Business Improvement District will work hand-in-hand with the City of Miami and District 2 Commissioner, Ken Russell to oversee implementation of renovated brick sidewalks for downtown Coconut Grove. This project will significantly rejuvenate the Grove tree canopy with up to the minute tree replacement technologies. Trees have life spans. We need to replenish our canopy so people can enjoy the trees in the Grove twenty years from now. The Grove BID is also making it possible in the upcoming year for property owners, as well as stores and restaurants to access several hundred thousand dollars to improve their building facades and interiors.

The Mission of the Coconut Grove BID

To help re-establish Coconut Grove as a world-class commercial walking village with impeccably clean and visibly safe streets and to create a stronger sense of place with a more compelling retail mix so that the Village Center can flourish by attracting increasing numbers of high-value customers to shop and dine in our district and to stay as guests at our hotels.